ELDIM (stand 8)  
 Gamma Scientific (stand 1)  
 Hitachi High-Tec (stand 4)  
 HOLOEYE (stand 2)  
 Izovac (stand 6)  
 Springer (stand 7)  


ELDIM (stand 8)


ELDIM is a world leader in optical measurement equipment. ELDIM has invented and promoted “Fast viewing angle systems”. Indeed, ELDIM’s products are the reference for faster and easier testing solution, based on high-performance cameras, proprietary optics, and advanced user-friendly software. ELDIM can meet customers’ R&D, quality control and production needs.


Gamma Scientific (stand 1)



Hitachi-High-Tec (stand 4)


Sales and marketing company for RIKEN Photoelectron Spectrometer in Air, NovaCentrix Curing tools,and Seibu Low Dew Point Glove Box in Europe.


HOLOEYE (stand 2)


HOLOEYE is providing products and services in the fields of diffractive optics (DOE), spatial light modulators (SLM) for phase and amplitude modulation and LCOS microdisplay components.


Izovac (stand 6)


Scientific and manufacturing company with the main competence in: R&D&I in thin-films and technologies of their deposition, design and manufacturing of vacuum coating systems, thin-film coatings services.


Springer (stand 7)


Springer, part of Springer Nature, is a global publishing company producing STM books and peer-reviewed journals. Springer has the largest STM ebook collection in the world, including the 4-volume Handbook of Visual Display Technology, and in 2017 launched a new book Series in Display Science and Technology. We welcome proposals for new titles – please visit the Springer booth to discuss your ideas.

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