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Poster programme

Poster session 1 - Tuesday 31 October


P:01 The impact of boundary conditions on dynamic light scattering in nematic liquid crystals
Dmitrii P Shcherbinin, ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


P:02 Fabrication of a polymer-stabilized in-plane switching liquid crystal cell through low-temperature UV curing process
Tae-Hoon Yoon, Pusan National University, South Korea


P:03 Bistable switching of a cholesteric liquid crystal cell using electro-hydrodynamic convection 
Tae-Hoon Yoon, Pusan National University, South Korea


P:04 A novel bistable mode of twisted direction switching LCD using a dual frequency nematic liquid crystal
Noriki Shirai, Kogakuin University, Japan


P:05 Graphene domain monitoring by nematic liquid crystals
Yoonseuk Choi, Hanbat National University, South Korea


P:06 Structure of a molecular dimer of the CD-1 azodye for LC photoalignment
Victor Belyaev, Moscow State Region University, Russia


P:07 Evaluation method for induced condition of bistable characteristics in Nn* LC cells by using a concentric circle rubbing technique
Yukihiro Kudoh, Kogakuin University, Japan


P:08 Characterization of polyimide alignment film with atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment 
Yusuke Saito, Kogakuin University, Japan


P:09 Measurement of homeotropic anchoring energies of nematic liquid crystals using bistable latching
Sophie Jones, University of Leeds, UK


P:10 Application of low temperature encapsulation to foldable organic light-emitting diode
Jeonggi Kim, Kyung Hee University, South Korea


P:11 Improved ten point fiveth(10.5) generation linear source for AMOLED mass
Jungkyu Lee, R&D center of YAS Co., Ltd, South Korea


P:12 AC-driven efficiently tandem organic light-emitting devices
Xiang Zhang, Jilin University, China


P:13 White OLEDs with light-emitting unit composed of multiple host-free phosphorescent materials
Chun-Neng Ku, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan 


P:14 The structural study of high triplet host materials with carboline moieties for blue phosphorescent OLEDs
Yirang Im, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea


P:15 Green fluorescent organic light emitting diodes with a bulky side group on a green fluorescent dopant and an assistant dopant 
Seung Bae Ji, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea


P:16 Initiator-free photo-crosslinking systems for OLED applications
Matthew Aldred, Lomox Ltd, UK


P:17 Multilayer structure organic light emitting diode using structurally rigid soluble hole transport materials
Hye Won Choi, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea


P:18 Angular structure of light scattered by normally illuminated monolayer of spherical particles
Valery Loiko, National Academy of Sciences, Belarus

Poster session 2 - Wednesday 1 November


P:19 Multi-projector 3D display
Nikolay Petrov, Scientific Research Center of Unique Instrumentation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


P:20 Compensating aberrations in holographic HUD
Hyun-Eui Kim, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, South Korea


P:21 Flexible transparent thin-film transistors fabricated on plastic substrates
Han Dedong, Peking University, China 


P:22 Evaluation of optical properties of a flexible light scattering liquid crystal device using a random deposited nano-fiber structure in a cell
Yu Kanezashi, Kogakuin University, Japan


P:23 In–Ga–Zn–O metal-semiconductor field effect transistor for flexible device applications
Mamoru Furuta, Kochi University of Technology, Japan


P:24 The effects of corrosion, fatigue and fatigue corrosion on ITO/Ag-alloy/ITO multilayer films coated PET substrates used in flexible electronics applications
Dilveen W Mohammed, University of Birmingham, UK


P:25 Self biased oxide TFT amplifier
Ye Lin Han, Hoseo University, South Korea


P:26 Development of an e-paper touch system using status LEDs for visible light data transmission for IoT safety and security
Karlheinz Blankenbach, Pforzheim University, Germany


P:27 Effect of SOG annealing ambient on IGZO TFTs
Yeong Jo Baek, Hoseo University, South Korea


P:28 Capacitive sensor pixel circuit with single a-IGZO thin film transistor for touch-fingerprint
In Hye Kang, Hoseo University, South Korea


P:29 Fabrication of a-IGZO TFT using imprint lithography
SungJin Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea


P:30 The effect of light shielding on thin film transistor performance under simultaneous thermal and optical stress
Christiane Reinert-Weiss, University of Stuttgart, Germany


P:31 Device property engineering of oxide semiconductor vertical TFT by means of back-channel passivation via PEALD
Kwang-Heum Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea


P:32 Low power integrated shift register circuit for in-cell touch applications
Jeongrim Seo, Kyung Hee University, South Korea


P:33 Enhancement of voltage holding property in low frequency driving fringe-field switching mode using  carbon nanomaterials doping within an alignment layer
Jun-Chan Choi, Kyungpook National University, South Korea


P:34 Effect of hydrogen diffusion of passivation layer of self-aligned top-gate a-IGZO TFTs
Xiaodong Zhang, Peking University, China


P:35 Towards a phase-change metamaterial CMY subtractive display
Santiago García-Cuevas Carrillo, University of Exeter, UK


P:36 Two test methods of flicker, transformation relationship and mathematical analysis
Yu Chao, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. , China


P:37 Lowest cost colorimeter for multiple use
Christoph Lehnert, Pforzheim University, Germany


P:38 Flexible OLED barrier lamination: a step towards R2R processing
Deborah Coleman, Henkel Electronic Materials, USA

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    20 July 2017
  • Full paper submission deadline (optional):
    15 December 2017
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    7 October 2017
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    14 October 2017
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