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Wednesday 1 November


Meeting Foyer, Melia Hotel


Session 3 - LC beyond Displays

Barcelona I
Chair: Ian Sage



Session 2 - OLED organic electronics continued

Barcelona II  
Chair: Kristiaan Neyts

09:00 (Invited) Simple multifocal lens based on liquid crystals
Herbert De Smet, Ghent University and IMEC, Belgium


(Invited) Organic vapor phase deposition (OVPD®) of OLED for organic display and lighting applications
Peter K Baumann, AIXTRON SE, Germany


An IPS-VA spatial light modulator architecture for foveating application
Clément Abélard, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France


Recent progress in highly efficient blue TADF emitter materials for OLED displays
Harald Flügge, cynora GmbH, Germany


Reverse mode switchable window assembled with inhomogeneous alignment surfaces
Cuiling Meng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong


Improved operational stability of inverted organic light-emitting diodes using Sn-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles as an electron injection layer
Tsubasa Sasaki, NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories, Japan

10:10  A tuneable and switchable liquid crystal laser protection device
Ethan Jull, University of Leeds, UK

Solution processed cavity control layer for high resolution AMOLED applications
Mi Jin Park, Kyung Hee University, Korea


Optimization of thermoformed displays for smart contact lenses
Andrés Vasquez Quintero, Ghent University and IMEC, Belgium


Effect of external micro-cavity on the improved color purity in OLEDs
Akiyoshi Mikami, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan

10:50 Cholesteric window shutter with wide-band reflection
Gyu Jin Choi, Yeungnam University, South Korea

High-efficiency, ultra-pure green perovskite light emitting diodes achieving rec. 2020 color coordinates
Chih-Jen Shih, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

11:10 Liquid crystal micro-lens array assisted thin film photo-transistors flat panel imager
Dr Kun Li, University of Cambridge, UK

160x120 pixel passive matrix bottom emitting OLED displays with graphene anode layer
Ismet I Kaya, Sabanc─▒ University, Turkey


Liquid crystal on silicon technology for high-power high-resolution laser projection and non-display applications in visible spectral band
Grigory Lazarev, HOLOEYE Photonics AG, Germany

11:50 Refreshments and exhibition
Meeting Foyer/Barcelona III 

Session 5 - 3D Displays and NTE technologies

Barcelona I
Chair: Ian Underwood


Session 4 - Quantum dots

Barcelona II
Chair: Poopathy Kathirgamanathan


(Invited) 3D display development at NTU’s advanced displays laboratory 
Philip Surman, NTU, Singapore



(Invited) Aligned quantum rods for LC backlights with high color purity and high efficiency
Kristiaan Neyts, Gent University, Belgium


Image volume considerations in 3D displays
Wang Shizheng, NTU, Singapore



Efficient quantum dot light-emitting diodes fabricated using ZnS-AgInS2 solid-solution nanocrystals as cadmium-free quantum dots 
Toshimitsu Tsuzuki, NHK, Japan


Lunch and exhibtion
Meeting Foyer/Barcelona III 




Session 5 continued - 3D Displays and NTE technologies

Barcelona I
Chair: Phil Surman


Session 6 Printed electronics

Barcelona II
Chair: Jin Jang


Qualified viewing space determination of near-eye and head up displays
Richard Austin, Gamma Scientific, USA



(Invited) Barriers for plastic displays and lighting
Mikko Soderlund, Beneq, Germany


Dynamic 3D sequence capture and enhancement 
Ljubomir Jovanov Ghent University, Belgium


Printed top gate metal oxide semiconductor thin film transistors
Nesrine Kammoun, University of Stuttgart, Germany

14:55  MicroLED displays: Hype and reality, hopes and challenges 
Pars Mukish, Yole Développement, France


Formation of polymer structures for mechanical stability in a flexible light shutter

Tae-Hoon Yoon, Pusan National University, South Korea



15:25   Patterning process of silver nanowire networks for flexible displays and sensing applications by using field-assisted nanowire chaining
Mahshid Sam, University of Victoria, Canada  
15:15 Poster and exhibition reception 
Meeting Foyer/Barcelona III 




Conference reception followed by the banquet
Tapas Bar and Restaurant Café Madrid, Melia Hotel


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